Thursday, 6 July 2017

In the night a cat which was chased by the dog entered the place which was now called "DARK ZONE" . got transformed into........ 
A dark  cloud and started chasing the dog and on its path while chasing dog everything that came in its way glowed and when dog was finally caught by the  dark cloud (cat) it got disintegrated
Next day
A mother is preparing food in kitchen , she hears crying of her baby ,she tries to make it stop crying but it doesn't. she loses her patience picks up her baby and throws it  on the ground and says "stop crying"....
and then goes to kitchen to finish the preparation of food.when she comes the baby covered in blood smiles at her.
In the adjoining house a kid of 12 year old asks his father  money for a movie ,his father denies it,and the kid stabs him 5 times in heart and opens the cupboard takes the money and leaves the home.when he reaches the gate he looks at the window of his father's room "don't be late " yells his father  
Likewise every family had similar effects everyone suffered from bipolar disorder (a mental condition marked by alternating periods of elation and depression). But the strange thing till now is that no one ,no matter however deep injured could never die and his wounds would heal within 60 seconds and when healed they forget the reason for their injuries.
The river in the dark zone was almost fully frozen black ,the some part of river which was not frozen had huge chunks of black icebergs and black colored water .Suddenly the frozen part began to break at the center and there emerged a black shadow  

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