Thursday, 22 January 2015

Episode 1 :The beginning

Year 2049

Many pundits, popes , imams gather around a huge wall of 700ft and 25km long, start chanting mantl is sealed

Year 2018
How it all began

Religious wars known as R-wars started by the politicians by paying criminals to start hatred between every religions so that politicians could take advantage of it...
But problems started when terrorists got involved in this thus starting R-wars.

Now every one was killed in the name of religion, many were raped, India was declared as  Restricted country..

A aghori who had been doing penance for 80 years, got disturbed by the noise of killing.
He got angry and decided to kill the people who were responsible for the noise, then he realised something that killing wouldn't stop this noise

So he went to the guy who was killing just born babies, both started fighting and aghori killed him and others got scared and ran away, using his powers aghori bought back the life of that guy

But he also gave a special power to him, which was if the guy came across any1 he will suck the hatred out of them and when he was done sucking out hatred, the guys would become as innocent as a child. It was called RAKU

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